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Awesome rendition of Danny! You aged him very well - he looks like he's in his mid twenties. He's not too brawny, or too scrawny, but s...

It's about time we got another gross-out alien! This guy's kinda like the bastard child of Stinkfly, Goop and Spitter. The biggest diff...

This version of Decagon Vreedle looks realistic. The last version I encountered was, basically, a Pretty Boy reject that I doubt could ...

This is an amazing rendition of Common Cold. I like the Omnisuit. It, to me, is reminiscent of not only Goop's Gravity Projector, but S...

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Strongarm WIP
One of Mason's transformations.

His outfit is mostly based on those of circus strongmen, with the OS gloves, the OV belt, and the segmented design of AF/UA. the shin guards are based on a variation of Ben 10,000 Four Arms' pants. I also gave him bicep bands as an alternative to sleeves. and they really add to his overall barbarian/wrestler look (that, and, sleeves are more of a hindrance in combat). Fun fact - I didn't realize it until I had filled it in, Strongarm sports an enormous "M" on his suit, kinda like a superhero (because he IS!! ;)). Because Tetramands have red skin, I thought it would be redundant to add red as one of the suit's base colors, so it'll take a back seat on this one, only being used for the belt, while the rest of his outfit will follow the original black-and-white motif.

And to finish off the strongman look, I kept OV's hair style. I didn't like the mustache when I first saw Four Arms appear in OV, but it's grown on me (hehe,grown, because its hair, hehe).

- Thick, damage-resistant skin
- Incredible strength
- Can survive in Space for a maximum of five minutes
- Can tank low-yield nuclear blasts
Motor Master WIP
One of Mason's transformations.

It was a toss-up between "Motor Master," "Metal Urge," and "Tech Tonic." In the end, Menasor's torso won out. I was inspired by Insanedude24's Reboot Upgrade - the metallic body, black belt, legs, head, etc. - and transposed the circuitry from one of my earlier Upgrade redesigns. Because Upgrade was never a complete transformation, I decided to keep the Omnitrix on Motor Master's wrist, just "upgrade" it a touch (it doesn't gain any extraneous abilities, it's simply integrated better than most other transformations).

And, before you ask, he retains his AF/UA voice impairment due to the fact that Galvanic Mechamorphs can't bond with organic life. His voice is like Mason's, run through a vocoder (though not as mechanized as G1 Soundwave's). He speaks like Red Tornado form BTBATB - "Declaration: Motor Master - Online (only after the initial transformation)," "Query: (asks question)," "Observation: (describes something he notices)," etc.

- Upgrade technology
- Upgrade himself

- Upgrade - "Declaration - Time for an Upgrade," followed by, "Enhancile material located - Designation - (names mechanism - "Forklift," "Automobile," "Self," etc.)," then proceeds to upgrade the designated mechanism.
Well, I just tried to sketch on some spare printer paper, Nothing doing. Everything that I tried turned to shit. I simply can't draw without being able to measure what I'm doing. I'll look into picking up some faint grid paper, but until then, I'm using my notebooks.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I'm a cartoon and anime FREAK! I'm also a part of the furry community.I can also be found on Patreon, FurAffinity and Tumblr, though, I've only just created those accounts, and won't have anything posted yet. I draw, mostly. I apologize if my pix look fuzzy. That's because I took pix of my sketches with my crappy phone. My camera eats batteries like there's no tomorrow (yes, even rechargeables), and I haven't been able to afford replacements. Pencils, notebooks and an outrageously oversized eraser are my weapons. I struggle with techniques like shading, distance and human (or "human-ish) anatomy, and welcome any advice without sarcasm (any "yiff in hell" crap will be met with equal or greater malice. I'm everywhere and nowhere). I'm a fan of the perceived "dark creatures," namely vampires (not twilight. I laugh at sparkles), werewolves, dragons, etc. and any combination or variation thereupon.



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